COVID-19 has changed the way we work, travel, communicate and live. From overseas travel being only a memory to having to learn to cook during lockdown there are some interesting by-products of Covid-19.

PPE has become a fashion accessory with many large fashion companies entering the facemask industry to provide luxury facemasks due to the increase in demand, as well as many people channelling their inner fashion designer and taking the DIY route and making their own. The hottest accessory of 2020.

Enforcing social distancing has become creative. From a German café making people wear swimming noodles as hats to a restaurant in the United States designing ‘bumper tables’ which use a large inner tube to keep diners apart.

Artificial intelligence algorithms that look after inventory management, fraud detection and marketing became confused by the sudden and drastic change in behaviour.

And the changes continue with ANZ now not buying or selling foreign currency due to a decrease in demand arising from boarder restrictions.