For a business owner, keeping up with the changes to rules and regulations, and the paper war that is compliance can be costly and time consuming. We know your time is better spent on such things as growing your business, increasing profit and spending time with friends and family. Compliance is a necessary evil as the penalties for failure can be significant – so it is important to get it right.

Why Choose PKF Hamilton?

We invest heavily in keeping our professional teams up to date on the legislation and latest changes to ensure you are meeting your compliance obligations. We help our clients focus on the important stuff by assisting with GST, PAYE, company annual returns, financial accounts, income tax returns and a variety of other compliance requirements.

Our teams use of cloud based technology that allows both you and your adviser to have timely access to the numbers, which we use to help you manage your business better and plan for taxation commitments. Compliance and meaningful financial information go hand in hand. If you are not getting the financial information from your accounting system to help you manage your business you are probably missing opportunities.

We believe it is about getting the basics right, knowing your numbers and working with a trusted adviser to support you in making the decisions that we achieve your goals.