We thought it would be handy to post this timely reminder from IRD to ensure you aren’t caught out by the changes.

From March 1, 2020 IRD will stop accepting payment by cheque, including cheques dated after 1 March 2020.

There are several payment methods offered by IRD and the banks:

• Pay online through the bank
You can make payments to IRD through your bank’s online banking facilities. This can be fast, easy, secure and you can post-date the payment.

• Pay online in myIR
Make payments using your credit or debit card in myIR. You can also set up a direct debit and select the date of the payment. Online payments may not suit everyone. The following options are also available:

• Automatic payment authority – IR586 form
Set up an automatic payment from your bank account to us by completing an IR586 form and give it to your
bank . The IR586:
– is most suitable for fixed or regular payments, such as debt or arrears
– allows for two signatures
– is available on the IRD’s website, or it can posted on request.
Please check bank processing times for automatic payments

• Cash or Eftpos at Westpac
Pay by cash or Eftpos at a Westpac branch. You’ll need your barcode (printed on the return or statement, or
created from IRD’s website) to ensure the payment can be correctly allocated.

For more information on payment methods visit ird.govt.nz/cheques