Ever dreamed of being your own boss?  Well, millions of people have turned that dream into a reality and some even claim it’s easy!  Recent studies conducted by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reveal that 40% of respondents thought starting a business was easy and 46% thought there were plenty of opportunities to start a business.  Based on some of the strange, yet successful, business ideas out there, they might just be right.

Have you ever had the urge to send someone a message on a potato?  Well now you can!  Potato Parcel lets you send a Potato with a personalised message written on it. They’ve already sold over 70,000 potatoes!  If gifting a vegetable isn’t quite your style, perhaps a pet rock is more appropriate?  Entrepreneur Gary Dahl launched the Pet Rock back in the 1970s and despite the craze only lasting about six months, it was still enough to make Dahl a millionaire.

Another common sector for new businesses is the fitness industry.  New exercise fads are constantly emerging; one of the more unusual ideas are “rage rooms”.  Orginating in Tokyo, the rooms are designed to provide patrons with a chance to hurl cups or plates against concrete slabs in a effort to relieve stress.  Today, they’ve spread all over the world with more than 100 scattered across the USA alone.

So, get your thinking cap on, the more unusual the idea, the better!