As we moved into Alert Level 4, it took some time for the rules to be refined and communicated. Not to make light of the importance of the rules, other countries have adopted some ‘interesting’ rules.

Panama implemented ‘gender’ isolation. People could only leave their homes for certain hours of the day, but in some hours Panama restricted this to only females, and during other hours only males. In Colombia movement was limited based on national ID number. Barrancabermeja only allowed those individuals with ID numbers ending in 0, 7 or 4 being allowed out on Monday, while 1, 5, and 8 can go out on a Tuesday. Spain prohibited physical exercise during the lockdown, and as one individual found out, this included cycling to work.

In Michigan, Home Depot was allowed to stay open, but part of the store was closed off. One customer commented you could put up Gib, but you couldn’t paint it.

Then when it comes to policing the lockdown and identifying cases of Covid-19, a town in Connecticut is a testing lab for a surveillance program that uses a new type of drone to identify symptoms from the air.