Date(s) - 22/10/2019
9:00 am - 10:30 am

PKF Hamilton Offices


Are you burning out on your business?  Do you never seem to have enough time for work or your personal life?  Are you missing out on business opportunities because you lack the time and energy to go after them?  Are your people unclear about their roles or struggling to respond to changing demands?  Are you just not reaching your goals?  If so, it may be time to look at whether there is a better way to organise who does what in your team.

Anastasia Hildred is the Principal Consultant at PuzzlePeace.  She will get you thinking about whether you need to look at the structure of your business. Anastasia’s special expertise is in improving people structures, culture and change management, so organisations run more smoothly and are more productive.

Anastasia’s seminar will get you thinking about:

  • Why you need to be clear on the goals you have for your business before you start thinking about who does what
  • How you could use your energy to focus on the activities you enjoy – and that play to your strengths
  • The best way to divide all your organisation’s daily activities among your team members (whether these be staff, contractors or suppliers)
  • Who else could help you get everything done
  • How job descriptions can help you communicate your expectations to your team members
  • What you need to do before you start making changes to how your team is organised

Create a workplace that achieves great things with ease.  Organising your team in the best way possible will get you back your clarity and focus. Your team will be more content. And your organisation will perform better. ​

No matter what size your organisation is or what industry/sector you work in, you can benefit from a happier, stronger team supporting you.

Think about the challenges you’re experiencing at the moment and bring along any questions you may have.

Over the last 20 years, Anastasia has worked as an accountant, business manager, human resources consultant and management consultant in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.  PuzzlePeace is driven by her core belief that everyone is good at something – great things happen when we play to our strengths, and in organisations it’s no different.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

Kind regards

PKF Hamilton


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